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    Association chrétienne évangélique

    1. Material resources necessary for the realization of the project

a) Accommodation
            ▪ Rooms :
                    ◦ Singles,
                    ◦ Doubles,
                    ◦ In small living units of 4 people,
                    ◦ For people with reduced mobility.
b) Common services
            ▪ Dining room where daily meals will be served,
            ▪ Living room with television and library,
            ▪ Room with computers that will allow residents to do their job search procedures,
            ▪ Infirmary,
            ▪ Activity room to introduce residents to various workshops:
                    ◦ over-indebtedness, 
                    ◦ budget, 
                    ◦ sewing, 
                    ◦ literacy,
                    ◦ etc…
            ▪ Laundry room,
            ▪ Room for Bible study meetings, while leaving everyone free of their convictions,
            ▪ Sanitary spaces.
c) Land
            ▪ Vegetable garden,
            ▪ Orchard,
            ▪ Animal breeding : 
                    ◦ laying hens,
                    ◦ sheep, 
                    ◦ rabbits,
                    ◦ etc….

    2. Potential audience welcomed

            ▪ Poor employees waiting for social housing,
            ▪ Women victims of violence who have left the marital home,
            ▪ Migrants with permission to work,
            ▪ Retired couples:
                    ◦ not having enough income to find housing,
                    ◦ having unpaid rent,
                    ◦ being threatened with expulsion,
            ▪ Young people in family breakdown no longer having a common life with their parents,
            ▪ Formerly placed in a child protection home released into the wild on the day of their 18th birthday,
            ▪ Anyone who has suffered a life-threatening accident:
                    ◦ divorce,
                    ◦ unemployment, 
                    ◦ death of a loved one,
                    ◦ over-indebtedness, 
                    ◦ disease,
                    ◦ etc…
            ▪ Precarious adults accommodated with their children by third parties (friends, parents) and whose cohabitation has

            ▪ People at the end of the winter break.

    3. Partnership

            ▪ The center will work in collaboration with:
                    ◦ Social workers in the region,
                    ◦ CCAS,
                    ◦ Social SAMU, 
                    ◦ Employment center,
                    ◦ Local mission,
                    ◦ Social action associations,
                    ◦ Integration projects,
                    ◦ Housing associations,
                    ◦ Real estate agencies,
                    ◦ Doctors,
                    ◦ etc…

    4. The functioning of the center

a) On the social level
            ▪ On arrival : 
                    ◦ The future resident will be welcomed by the person designated for this purpose.
                    ◦ He will introduce himself and must clearly express the reasons for which he wishes to be accommodated in the

                    ◦ He will present his career plan if he already has one.
                    ◦ He will be introduced to the center and how it works and he will have to confirm of his own free will that he
                      wishes to stay. 

                    ◦ In this case, the welcome book will be given to him, along with the internal regulations.
                    ◦ They will be assigned a room,
                    ◦ Clean clothes will be given to him,
                    ◦ An appointment with the hairdresser and a medical examination will be scheduled.
                    ◦ During his stay:
                    ◦ He will be followed and accompanied by the social workers of the center for all his administrative procedures
                      an his professional project.

                    ◦ He can speak to the pastor of the center if he so requests.
                    ◦ Residents who will not be in training or who will not have a job will have to work in the center, according to
                      an established schedule, for the following tasks:

                            • dishes, 
                            • housework, 
                            • gardening, 
                            • lingerie, 
                            • serve at the table,
                            • etc…. 
                    ◦ The vocation of the center will not be assistantship, but support for reintegration. 
                    ◦ Working in the center will be a way of helping to return to work and will help identify the vocations of each, 
                       knowing that most will have had a professional life before being on the streets.

                    ◦ Those who find a permanent job will be supported in finding accommodation outside the center.
                    ◦ If they wish, they can be followed for a period of time to ensure the success of their reintegration. 
                    ◦ Those who will have a job and live in the center will have to pay rent, as will those who will affect the RSA 
                       and the unemployment allowance. The amount will be based on a scale determined by law.

                    ◦ Workshops will be organized regularly:
                            • literacy, 
                            • over-indebtedness, 
                            • budget, 
                            • cooked, 
                            • sewing, 
                            • gardening,
                            • etc….
b) On the spiritual level
            ▪ We want to organize evangelistic meetings every day and show Christian films from time to time. The presence 
               of residents will not be compulsory, but recommended.

            ▪ The gospel (the kingdom of God) will be announced to them, they will be free to believe or not to believe, to accept
               or to refuse Jésus.

            ▪ The members of the Christian staff (employees and / or volunteers) should give a good witness, live in the fear of

               God and obedience to his word, to make residents want to know whoever dwells in them. 
            ▪ Staff should not harass residents with Bible verses or pressure them into accept Jesus. He will have to be available,
               to listen to them, answer their questions and not forget that it is God who draws people to Jesus, who changes hearts
               and who saves. 

            ▪ Prayer for residents and practical witness should be an integral part of the life of every member of the staff. 
               Likewise, staff will have to learn to die on their own and to be at rest, in order to allow Christ to live his life
               through him and not allow his character and his flesh to take over. He should not in no case tolerate his bad
               character and always have in mind that God desires his sanctification and that those who live according to the flesh
               cannot please him.

            ▪ Each staff member should see themselves as a missionary in the mission field that will be the center. He will have to
               serve the Lord and do every task as for the Lord and not for men.

            ▪ He should have the ability to manage conflicts that may arise among residents.
            ▪ A team meeting will be held exclusively with Christian staff every morning.
               The purpose of this meeting will be:

                            • present the day, residents, staff, etc. to the Lord.
                            • study the word for exhortation,
                            • discuss the problems encountered the day before,
                            • propose solutions in order to solve the encountered problems.
            ▪ The center should be entirely directed in dependence on the Lord, under his authority and under his gaze, in order to
              all the glory be returned to him.

15 rue des jetées 61300 l'Aigle

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