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    Association chrétienne évangélique


Our vision

A) At the social level

Our vision is to act as early as possible, so that people who are waiting for help and who want to get out of it, fall on the street and marginalize themselves,

rather than trying to get them out of the street. Indeed, when some people are too long on the street, they refuse to be helped, and prefer the street to accommodation, while others, rarer, voluntarily choose to detach themselves from society.


We are aware that the most important point is housing, because without housing, having a job is impossible and without work, having housing is an obstacle course. This is the reason why, we wish to open a center, in order to allow those who want it, to have a stable accommodation, to favor their reintegration.


Our goal is not assistantship, because we believe that assistantship does not solve the problems, on the contrary, it perpetuates misery and creates in some people contempt for the easy aid that we give to the most deprived.


We want to empower the people we will help and lead them to be actors in their own reintegration. The philosopher Confucius said: "When a man is hungry, it

is better to teach him to fish than to give him a fish ...".


B) At the spiritual level
As children of God, we want to obey the order that Jesus gave us in Mark 16: 15-16 “Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone. Anyone who
believes and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned”. 
Therefore, our vision is to bring the good news of Jesus Christ, by whatever means God gives us, to answer the call of Jesus.

15 rue des jetées 61300 l'Aigle

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